Creativity In Translation|Translator Thoughts

Did you ever think about how translation is creative? Translation can be viewed as a ¬†link between two different languages, mindsets and cultures. Creative translation associated with a large number of target languages of source text into another language. Creative translation is widely used in the advertisement purposes. Advertisement consists of concocting attention-grabbing taglines for […]

Artificial Intelligence Can Translate Languages Without Human Interference

The era of Automatic translation of language has come a long way. This is all because of Neural networks computer algorithms that recognize the inventiveness of the human mind. However, there is a huge requirement of data to train such networks. Millions of translations from sentence to sentence are required to show how a human […]

The Most Important Trends In Translation Technology 2018

The translation industry is one of the most important and rapidly growing industries in the world today. This industry is undergoing a massive change in the last decade. With the consumption of over 38 million in the market, this industry further highlights an annual growth rate of 6%. It is predicted that there will be […]

Can Technology Replace Human Interpreters?The Future of Translation Technology

Last year, the world witnessed a drastic change in shaping the translation technology. Uncovering the two major Artificial Intelligence systems, which are capable of learning any languages known to humans. Most of the major companies are already experimenting to make the translation technology better for the online consumers. Last year, the big e-commerce giant Amazon […]

AI- Still Waiting For The Revolution

Artificial Intelligence- a term that is recited by everyone alike and usually misunderstood. This is way different from the classical case of the general public not understanding the scientists. The idea of AI- something that rivals our intelligence, not only entertains us but also scares us to the same extent, also distracting us, unfortunately. A […]

Artificial Intelligence Just Got Smarter- Goes Bilingual

Neural networks have given automatic language transition a new face. It is an algorithm that is inspired by the human brain. They used huge labeled datasets to be trained to do a variety of complex tasks like the human brain that performs only after gaining the knowledge about something. Now suppose, you were given Chinese […]

We Taught AI Racial And Gender Biases

Programs like Google Translate has experienced a dramatic hike in the ability of language interpretation in past few years. Thanks to the new machine learning techniques and of course to the numerous online text data. It is on these data that the algorithms can be trained. Everyday machines are acquiring the human-like abilities of language. […]