Machine Translation Technology – Must Know Facts and How It Is The Future Of Translation

Technology is becoming an intrinsic part of every aspect of human life. With the intervention of technology, every industry is going through a radical change, including translation. This transition changed the way we used to communicate. Since language is the key to interactions, we can’t compromise with it. Regardless of where we are and what […]

Microsoft AI Translator and Deep Neural Network Advancements For Translations of Indian Languages

Microsoft has announced the merge of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks. This integration will enhance the real-time language translation for Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil language and it will make the technology more accessible and productive for everyone. According to Microsoft, this technology is going to help the users to get the appropriate results which […]

Neural Translation Machine Has Made Literature Translation By A Machine Possible

A recent research done by Neural Translation Machine suggests that the technology is now capable of translating Literature with an efficiency of 25%. Though this number may not seem like a lot, the complicated nature of translating literature is an insurmountable task indeed. Thus, it is a remarkable achievement marking the progress of our technology. […]

Top 5 Translation Software To Globalize Your Business In Foreign Markets

Even though, corporate entities and big e-commerce giants are expanding their business globally. But there is something that lacks the growth of the expansion. Due to this globalization, companies are encountering an entirely new form of international market. To cope up with this overseas market, communication has become the vital factor for the companies. Soon, […]

Facebook Messenger Can Translate Messages Now

Have you ever thought how stirring it would be if you could make acquaintances all over the world? Well, nowadays, that’s not a big deal with the rise of social networking sites.But to interact with each and every one over 6500 languages seems to be impossible. However, with the recent Facebook translation feature, you can […]

Google Assistant Says No “Hey Google” And “Ok Google” Follow-Ups

Google I/O had promised this year to make the Assistant conversational feature available for the US people by using Google Home Speaker and this company kept its promise. Yes, you no more have to call out your Google Assistant by name and every time you are willing to place a command. Basically, you will be […]

AI Makes Language Transition Easier

Companies in different countries have different cultural ethics and work language. This dramatically gives rise to the need for a language transition service. It is indeed a challenge to create a smooth transition from one language to another. There were days when human translators were the foremost and only choice. Linguists and Multilingual were a […]

Google Assistant: The Best Virtual Assistant At Your Service

Google has taken over Alexa, Siri, and Cortana with its smart Google Assistant. It is said to be one of the most efficient voice search engine in the digital market. It has been through several local tests and updates from time to time. It’s globally loved because of its multi-device friendliness and a UX laid […]

Microsoft Translator Needs No Internet Now| It Gets Offline AI Translations

Microsoft is planning to execute their new Translator application which will be a step further towards progress. They are planning to launch the Microsoft Translator App which will not be needing an internet connection. This thought might be impossible without the help of AI guidance. The tech giants, as they are, Microsoft recently published that […]

Travelling Abroad? Best Translation Apps For Travelers

When we go out for a tour, language appears to be the most common barrier especially, if you are not a multilingual person. Using a local travel guide is not always convenient. That means you need to walk around carrying the instructions provided by the guide. Which is probably not feasible for most of us. […]