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Machine Translation Technology – Must Know Facts and How It Is The Future Of Translation

Translation Technology

Technology is becoming an intrinsic part of every aspect of human life. With the intervention of technology, every industry is going through a radical change, including translation.

This transition changed the way we used to communicate. Since language is the key to interactions, we can’t compromise with it.

Regardless of where we are and what we are doing, we need language. But learning all the languages is next to impossible. That’s why we look up to translation.

However, the essence of translation lies in the human touch. Therefore, whether technology is killing the language or opening a new gate, is an old issue.

Technology has made the instant analysis of a tremendous amount of data possible to provide us our answers in our native tongue. It allowed us in translation from any language at any time. We probably couldn’t even imagine ourselves, asking for help in some unknown language. Well, the new innovations made it happen.

If you are trying to explore the gifts of translation technology, then this post will enlighten you. Let’s take a look at the things translation technology is offering.

Erase The Gaps With Translation Management System

Translation management systems are programs for supporting complex translation tasks. This valuable resource helps the users in the automation of the translation process.

Accordingly, this system manages workflow, translation memory as well as terminology. Translation Management System is way more reliable than the alternative methods. Manual file transfer is time-consuming and enhances the possibility of errors.

This integrated machine translation managed to mend the gap between languages.

Centralized Language Assets

Languages are real assets since they hold the key to communication. The new way to harness the power of translation is a centralized and localized program.

A centralized program can eradicate the constraints of translation. This system offers easy management of translation memories, glossaries, and style-guides.  Once the content is localized and centralized, you can hold the results to save time and money in the future.

Augmented Translation With CAT Tools

CAT tools or Computer Aided Translation tools are the new solutions as well as an essential kit for creating a language asset.

CAT Tools

These tools divide the content into segments and present in the most convenient way. Also, the translations are saved together with the source-text. The most wonderful thing about CAT tools is its translation memory which can be re-used for some other text.

Further, the terminology database, spell, and grammar checker makes these tools reliable.

Quality Assurance Tools: No More Compromisation

The most common allegation against translation tools is they compromise with the quality. The essence of the content fades away while translating.

Now we can find quality assurance tools which ensure the translation is up to the mark. This software does quality management in translation along with risk management.

Therefore, translation became flawless with the new inventions.

Machine Translation: Overcoming The Human Limitations

The escalating growth and necessity of going global have increased the demand for translation. Machine translation is the answer for this growing need.

Machine translation software translates a large volume of content instantly. The content goes through several procedures of verification. This successfully overcame the constraints of human translation.

The best part is, MT is undeniably affordable and free from errors. Besides, it uses statistical techniques for improving accuracy.

Translation-Based Apps

Although translation-based apps can never replace human conversion, yet they have opened the gate of the future to us.

These apps can be your guide in a different place as well as a teacher while learning a new language. Basically, it’s like carrying your translator in your pocket. These apps are available for all the operating systems.

Additionally, these apps can be used to translate the contents of social media. So, you can enjoy everything in your own language with technology. It’s like the translation on the go.

E-learning Courses

A few years back, nobody would have thought of learning a new language over the internet. However, now you can avail language courses online, anywhere.

These courses include guidance with visual effects. Therefore, it creates a better impact on our sensory memory and helps us to learn quickly. These courses not only saves time but are also cost-efficient.

Translation Technology In Entertainment

Movies and music videos are no longer restricted to a specific region. We often rely on subtitles and dubbings while watching movies from different countries.

Technology has changed the way these translations were done. Nowadays, everything is automated and machine-dependent. Voice-overs are done with the help of software. Data tracking and management tools made it easier as well as cheaper.

These dubbings and subtitles are significantly reliable. Several quality-checker software ensures the accuracy and validity of the translation.

Captioning And Video Translation

Captioning and subtitling are now necessary for every video. Videos are a powerful medium for learning as well as delivering any message.

Captioning And Video Translation

Technological changes are teaching us to act globally now. As more people utilize videos for different purposes, the need to have them translated into different languages is increasing as well.

According to the latest statistical reports, 70% of the YouTube users are not Americans. Also, the majority of them are not comfortable with English. Therefore, if we want our voice to be heard by all these people, we need to approach them in their own language. Here lies the beauty of translation. Translation technology made this intensification possible.

The Future Of Translation

Starting from social media to online meetings, translation technology has mended the gap between languages. Now you can read a book or watch a movie in a foreign language, without any interruption.

Further, be it social media or online shopping sites, translation technology erased the barriers of languages. Now you can learn a new language along with visual effects with the help of translation apps.

Technology has opened the gate for a better future. Although the debate about whether technology is crippling us or leading us to a new tomorrow will always be there. Yet changes are inevitable. Thus, the wiser thing to do is to embrace the changes.

Microsoft AI Translator and Deep Neural Network Advancements For Translations of Indian Languages

Microsoft AI Translator

Microsoft has announced the merge of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks. This integration will enhance the real-time language translation for Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil language and it will make the technology more accessible and productive for everyone.

According to Microsoft, this technology is going to help the users to get the appropriate results which are more accurate and natural when they are surfing the web on Microsoft Edge browser, Bing search etc.

Moreover, with the introduction of this new technology, the search and translation function will further enhance in the Microsoft Office 365 such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Skype, and Outlook.

There is a belief from Microsoft that the Artificial Intelligence will improve the living of people. They also believe that the AI-powered solution will have a positive impact on Agriculture, education, governance, healthcare and so on, all across India.

How Microsoft’s new tools Boost Results

The Microsoft AI translator is provided with ‘TrueText’. It is a DNN based satellite system which improves the accuracy of the texts by filtering out the repetition, pauses and improper words.

This technology is available for the users using platforms such as Android and iOS through the Microsoft Translator app. It will identify and translate from the text, speech and even the photos.

Microsoft Translator

With the development of such technologies, it makes the translation of words in different languages easier. Understanding the languages you are not familiar with is now much easier.

Microsoft provides APIs on Azure for its partners and clients so that they can use this technology in their applications. The technology is accessible to all the users through various platforms. These platforms let more and more people make use of it.

Get to know more about Deep Neural Network

Deep Neural Network has the ability to break some of the common concepts like gender (feminine, masculine and neutral). Additionally, it encodes the politeness level (written, casual, slang and formal). It also encodes the types of words like a verb, noun, and an adjective.

According to Microsoft, the Deep Neural Network powered translation system displays an emphatic improvement in the humans as well as automated evaluated metrics.

As the Deep Neural Network encodes the common concepts, it instantly improves the translation process. Moreover, it enhances the working of the technology.

As per the stats, there has been a 20% rise in the results of the translation quality for all the Indian languages. These languages are all supported by Microsoft. It further shows the importance of Microsoft AI Translator in improvising the language translation.

Microsoft AI Translator as a driving force in India

Over the past two decades, Microsoft is working on Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). The aim of SMT is to translate global and Indian languages. Deep Neural Network translates the several complicated Indian languages. It adds more accuracy as well as fluency in the translation process.

According to Mohan, the Senior Program Manager at Microsoft India, there are 6 Indian languages which are part of top 20 languages globally. It is quite common as India is a huge country with the largest number of population. It is normal that a country as vast as this will have several languages among the top 20 list of globally spoken languages.

However, Mohan also says that these six languages are not among the top of the digital content list. He goes on to add that there is not enough material available on the net to provide appropriate training to the system. The training as in to teach the machines about the languages in an in-depth manner.

Nevertheless, the fruits are apparent for all to see. As per as a data report published by Google, Indian language users will be more than 2.5 times the number of the Indian English users by the year 2021.

Microsoft AI

Some more from Microsoft:

Sundar Srinivasan from Microsoft, says that Microsoft is focused on empowering every Indian and every Business. Microsoft wants to introduce the Artificial Intelligence to day to day works of every Indian.

Furthermore, Microsoft plans to make AI a driving force in Digital India. Microsoft embraces the vast range of languages in India. Thus, they plan to make the internet even more accessible to the public. With increased range, users will surely get hugely benefited.

Microsoft has always been keen on accelerating computing translation in India. They launched the Project Bhasha back in 1998 to begin this process. There has been constant work going on in the Indian Languages over the past 20 years. Furthermore, Microsoft supports text support in all 22 constitutionally Indian Languages across all their products.

Neural Translation Machine Has Made Literature Translation By A Machine Possible

Neural Translation Machine

A recent research done by Neural Translation Machine suggests that the technology is now capable of translating Literature with an efficiency of 25%. Though this number may not seem like a lot, the complicated nature of translating literature is an insurmountable task indeed. Thus, it is a remarkable achievement marking the progress of our technology.

Platforms like Google translate and Skype translate are the most famous users of Neural Translation Machine. Though the fact about the real technology which is used for the working of NMT remains a puzzle for the users.

As more development continues to take place in machine translations, eventually it will become easier for the users to understand the working of the NMT. The 25% flawless rate suggests us that technology is moving in the right direction with regards to machine translation.

Neural Translation Machine

Neural Translation Machine Hits 25% Flawless Rate

Natural Spoken word is a very natural element. The toughest test for the machine translation is to understand the true meaning of the words used by us. Capturing the same meaning in a different language is far-fetched.

As an example, the word ‘set’ can be a verb, a noun or an adjective with various meanings and it depends on how and where you are using it in a sentence. Similarly, there are more such words which are used in different manners and ways. Therefore, it is important for the NMT to understand the realize the meaning of the words depending on the sentence.

The aim of the Neural Machine Translation is to figure out the meaning of the words and phrases by assuming the order of the words and applying the texts through deep learning.

This will improve the decision making of the technology and then it can decide when to use the word ‘set’ as a noun, a verb or an adjective. Once the decision making gets better, the accuracy of translation is bound to improve even more.

The Use of NMT in Novels

Using the Neural Translation Machine or NMT to translate parts of Literature is a complicated matter. However, Dr. Antonio Toral from the University of Groningen and Professor Andy Way made this possible via their research project.

NMT in Novels

Following are the twelve well-known novels Neural Machine Translation uses for its translational activities:

  1. Auster’s Sunset Park – Released in 2010
  2. Collins Hunger Games #3 – Released in 2010
  3. Golding’s Lord of the Files – Released in 1954
  4. Hemingway’s – The Old Man and The Sea – Released in 1952
  5. Highsmith’s Ripley in the Water – Released in 1991
  6. Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns – Released in 2007
  7. Joyce’s Ulysses – Released in 1922
  8. Kerouac’s On The Road – Released in 1957
  9. Orwell’s 1984 – Released in 1949
  10. Rowling’s Harry Potter #7 – Released in 2007
  11. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye – Released in 1951
  12. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings #3 – Released in 1955

The duo of Dr. Antonio Toral and Prof. Andy Way trained the Neural Machine Translation to translate the novels from English into Catalan. Thereafter, they matched those results with the Phase-based statistical machine translation (PBSMT) system with the same work of the Literature.

The Rise of The Machine Translation

The reports of the research project disclosed by Dr. Antonio Toral and Prof. Andy Way indicates just how far Machine translation has come in recent years. This is a big achievement to the advancement of our technology and efficiency in the development of the machine learning used in this process.

A decade ago, it was impossible to imagine that the algorithm can be even used for translating the Literature and other inventive processes. Indeed, the 25% flawless rate is not good enough for the real world scheme. However, it does indicate the gradual rise of Machine translation.

If the progression can be made so that the machines translate the documents to about 50% accuracy for the human translators, then the technology is going to have a big impact on how we deal with the language barriers.

Ultimately, the reason for putting the Neural Machine Translation to a test of this kind is to put it through some of the most challenging situations and check how well it progresses.

The results of the tests were superb. This is a reason to be optimistic that the machine translation will one day play an important factor in how the businesses and people communicate with each other.

Top 5 Translation Software To Globalize Your Business In Foreign Markets

Translation Software

Even though, corporate entities and big e-commerce giants are expanding their business globally. But there is something that lacks the growth of the expansion. Due to this globalization, companies are encountering an entirely new form of international market.

To cope up with this overseas market, communication has become the vital factor for the companies. Soon, the need for a better translation software has come to play.

There are a lot more in the digital translation, then throwing some words in the Google Translator. Depending on the growing demand of the organizations, translation technologies are reaching its pick point.

Furthermore, according to the nature of work, the need for translation and adaptation of new technology can be innumerable, and undependable indeed.

Starting from translating a website copy accurately to reworking applications and adjusting the software can be more intimidating. But the concerning matter is, how to sort all thing in one place?

Well, the first thing that should strike into the mind, hiring an agency to deal with all. Nevertheless, it might not be necessary to some extent. Thanks to advanced technology and localization services, available in a various online platform, through clouds.

So, here are we present to you, the best in the market. Specially designed for all starting from the individual freelancer to the corporate giants, without leaving the entities falling in between.

1. GlobalLink

GlobalLink is must for the organization to break the international barrier. It helps localization of software and website and also provide professional translation services.

The service pack offers a vast number of applications to bridge the localization obstacles. Each one of the application can perform individually, even as an essential part of the Global Management Service. To drive efficiency into the brands looking to expand globally.


The apps include IT software to manage and launch multilingual websites as well as a platform to provide personalized work experience. Multi-Vendor management, translation memory solution and a review portal. It also offers a web-based management tool for translation to manage, modify and review and delete the existing terms.

In case any company is looking for global expansion with potential growth rate, then this app can lead your path.  Also, it offers plenty of services which makes it even worthy.

2. Paraphrase (Audio And Text Translation)

This application focuses on straight translation instead of localization of tools. It uses an advanced technology to translate professionally into 57 different languages.

The apps secure file translation tool offers a batch upload feature and also translating multiple files at one go. It can also process 24 different file types including powerpoint, excel InDesign and also scanned copies.

If you want to upload a small bunch of text, then the translation wizard tool allows the user to upload the same without actually removing the existing files in the application. Also allows you to store the output in the organization’s translation bank.

Another notable function, you can get an audio translation of any uploaded documents or script in 18 different languages. You can convert the translated files in an MP3 version and WAV files. Also, it allows team collaboration which means, real-time translation no matter where they are.

3. Text United (Easy To Use)

The entire application is based on the cloud platform. That means you can translate and localize your file using a cloud platform. It brings the outsourced and in-house professional translators, makes it authenticate from the agencies providing the same service. The application provides consistency and quality translation solution over the languages.

It provides multiple faceted technologies for a team to work on the same project at the same time. While in the process, you can also edit and translate the entire conversation. The feature ranges from necessary text translation to localization of the software.

Text United

Speaking about the user interface, it is bright and clean and less complicated. Which means, you can focus on the project directly from the beginning rather than spending time understanding the software itself. Another key point, it is well connected to the dropbox, Bitbucket, Github, SharePoint, and Outlook. So you can upload your work directly to the cloud platform.

Most of the notable feature you can enjoy even in the basic plan of the application. That includes overlay editor, translation memory, Terminology management and also machine translation. Moreover, you can have complete SEO support in multiple languages. While other features like API support, data migration and platform integration that come along with a higher range of application plan.

4. Phrase App (Localization Specialist)

The application focuses on sizeable software and service localization. It offers the organization, to work closely with the translators in a simple, quick and in a very transparent way.

This platform is managed by API driven software, which gathers the data from the source code and also let it available for localization through an online edit.

You can trace your entire translation process by merely looking at the easy to use dashboard at a glance. You can take a track of the activities. The text that needs proofreading, new task missing translations for instance with just a couple of clicks.

Even if you are not in the dashboard, still you can track the new translations through integrated messengers like slack. Also, you get the notification as an email update and in-app notification.

Additionally, the app is featured by adjusting translations. That can identify the text resources contain in a word file to fix the same in multiple areas.

5. Lionbridge Translation Workspace (An App For All)

This Translation Software offers a comprehensive range tool to provide assistance for large-scale translations and localization of software. The platform is suitable for all starting from freelance individual large enterprises.

Lionbridge Translation

The software comes loaded with online live interfaces, with uncountable collaboration tools. That allows the users, to review and comment on the project. The service also helps you collaborate with other service providers and subscribers. It also allows you to audit whatever is going on in the platform.

Final Thought

So these are the Translation Software you can use to control manage your business overseas. Some of these applications have the paid version as well. If you are willing to handle the business with advanced technology, then you can do it with the premium version of the software.

Facebook Messenger Can Translate Messages Now


Have you ever thought how stirring it would be if you could make acquaintances all over the world? Well, nowadays, that’s not a big deal with the rise of social networking sites.But to interact with each and every one over 6500 languages seems to be impossible. However, with the recent Facebook translation feature, you can readily relate to billions of Facebook users from different countries in different languages. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, Facebook has overcome the language barriers.



Tiptoes into chat translation

With the M suggestions assistant, it is easier to interpret the chat into various languages. Moreover, David Marcus, Head of Facebook’s Messenger has declared that the Messenger is now armed with over 200,000 developers and 300,000 kinetic bots. Not only this but also it has accelerated messages among 8 billion different people and businesses. In fact, it is around four times greater than what it seemed to be in the previous years.

Smarter Bots

Last year Facebook launched a feature “built-in natural language processing”. This is a useful feature which Facebook utilizes to fetch a detailed information whenever a follower sends a message to a certain page. Not only a message but also it can track the likes, comments or any other activities in that particular page.

Smarter design

Users will also get a clarified Messenger’s interface. Moreover, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently shown off the all-new Messenger design and announced that night mode of the Messenger is going to release very soon.

Chat translation is on the way to its success

Initially, chat translation was a bit slow with the English-Spanish conversations. But Facebook has confirmed to launch additional languages for several other countries.

Well, with the succeeding chat translation, users get their exposures readily to the strangers. This is how a group of people get the scope to know each other and to realize what they have in common. Consequently, the marketplace is also expanding and making the sell quicker than before.

In the year 2016, Facebook took the first initiative towards chat translator. The advancement in neural machine learning has made the phrase-based translation more precise. Apart from the messenger, the news feeds, comments or the posts can also be translated.

How can the chat translation be beneficial?

  • Effective communication: Through chat translator, you can make other forks one of your greatest chumps. Now, you can create a chat group in the Messenger where you can add people from different creeds and customs. The feature has eliminated all the language gaps. Telephone calls are definitely the best virtual way of communication. But with chat translator, there is absolutely no need to disseminate any language separately. Thus, everyone is able to utilize the social networking platform in the true sense of the term.
  • Business purpose: Social networking site has always been a great influence over the years especially in the field of business. Facebook with its chat translation feature is nothing exceptional. As every profession is lined up with their needs of communication it is really a significant purpose that the chat translation apps serve in the modern days. When you are going to meet the customers worldwide, you can’t be affording communication obstacles at all.

Via chat translation, the interaction is easier for the clients. If you are running an organization, then you can reach new clients with the help of chat translation.

Apart from effective communication, you can easily rely on these chat translators especially when it comes to dealing with international clients. It is a fast and a secure way of communication. You do not need to avoid project because of any language barriers.

Not only they are beneficial for the business purpose but also for infinite progress in the foreign market. Thus, anyone can expand your business around the globe through the medium of language morphed by these chat translation apps.


Google Assistant Says No “Hey Google” And “Ok Google” Follow-Ups


Google I/O had promised this year to make the Assistant conversational feature available for the US people by using Google Home Speaker and this company kept its promise. Yes, you no more have to call out your Google Assistant by name and every time you are willing to place a command. Basically, you will be having an option where you can enable the feature by saying “Hey Google” and “Ok Google” for follow-ups. Even if you have multiple requests, it doesn’t really matter.

ok google

No More Saying “Hey Google” Or “Ok Google”

Let’s say you are asking your Google Assistant if it is going to rain today before you start the conversation from scratch, you can remind yourself to carry an umbrella outside. In that case, all you have to do is, keep your Google Assistant inactive for a few seconds. Within the timeframe, if you speak assistant will automatically be active thinking that you are still talking. Just make sure that the LED’s of the home speakers are lit till the time it’s listening to your voice. Because all it requires is the voice input.

The good news is, your assistant can now order food as well. The relative partners are Panera, Domino’s, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and many more. In case you are a regular customer of these brands ordering food from your phone, you can do the same thing with your Google Assistant. Looks like Google has taken not only one, but many steps forward in order to make your work much more easier.

In order to have a normal conversation with your Google Assistant, all you need to take care of is the timing when you’re speaking and only then it can reply to multiple questions at the same time. Therefore, with continued conversation, you can actually talk to your Google Assistant.

And the best part is, now you don’t have to go on with a “Hey Google” and “Ok Google” before and after a conversation. You can simply skip that part. Only remember that while ending the conversation, you have to say “thank you” or “stop” and the Google assistant will automatically Stop registering that you are not talking anymore.

Wondering how to enable this feature on your Assistant?

In order to enable this feature, you just have to go to the settings and choose Continued Conversation from preferences and hit the toggle. Now you will be able to start a conversation with your Assistant without saying Hey and Ok.

At Google I/O conference in 2018, the company officially launched Android P operating system for its users. In this new version of an Android Operating System, Google is focusing on the AI and machine learning. On the other hand, the search giant has come up with such exclusive features as App Actions, Adaptive brightness, and battery.

Till now this feature can only be enabled in the English language. It is not known yet when the other languages will be available on Assistant. But the people who are tired of saying “Hey Google” and “Ok Google”, are definitely welcome here.

AI Makes Language Transition Easier


Companies in different countries have different cultural ethics and work language. This dramatically gives rise to the need for a language transition service. It is indeed a challenge to create a smooth transition from one language to another.

There were days when human translators were the foremost and only choice. Linguists and Multilingual were a critical lynchpin for success. However, it also carried a great chance of inefficiency with translation errors.

machine translation

The First Wave Of Machine Translation

When it comes to AI translations, Google Translate has taken the first position. It has been the leader of translation technology since its launch.

It works with more than 100 languages and is used by over half a billion people on a daily basis. The process used by Google Translate was a form of machine learning until recently.

For those who are clueless about machine learning, it is a branch of artificial intelligence that uses a huge amount of data for understanding and creating the language translation.

But it has a downside.

The results of Google translate are too literal. It was essentially using the dictionary to determine the choice of words.

This software won’t address the context and cultural differences. Therefore, the need and dependency on human translator still existed.

Neural Machine Translation

The new machine translation technology called neural machine translation took the language translation miles forward. The Neural component of the technology is named because it works just like a human mind.

To be more accurate, it mimics the human brain!

This technology can do translation like none has ever done before. It does what Google translate couldn’t. Looking forward to 20 years from now, I see the need for a human translator being reduced. From Gisting To Fluency

Gisting and fluency- both are vital elements of translation. Previous technologies were only gist-oriented. And so, they required a greater amount of human support to take a usable shape.

Neural machine technology goes beyond gisting and fluency. For correct interpretation and delivering fluent translation, it needs the very efficient set of the algorithm.

Every second terabyte of data runs around the globe. And a lot of information is needed to be translated into two or more languages. This makes automated translation very critical.

Breaking The Language Barrier

Language barriers are one of the major constraining factors of global commerce. The change of tone and language with each country makes the need for fluent translation a necessity.

Neural machine translation can solve this problem. It breaks the language translation barrier and makes the flow of communication smooth and easy.

Machine learning has made quite a lot of progress but the language code is yet to be cracked. When it comes to obscure dialects, idioms or creative writing, it still faces certain problems.

But in the international market that works on defined jargons, it stands next to none. It is sure to evolve with much more functionality and algorithm for translating with better accuracy.

Google Assistant: The Best Virtual Assistant At Your Service


Google has taken over Alexa, Siri, and Cortana with its smart Google Assistant. It is said to be one of the most efficient voice search engine in the digital market. It has been through several local tests and updates from time to time. It’s globally loved because of its multi-device friendliness and a UX laid on the table.

Google Assistant

But what is Google Assistant?

An Introduction To The Smart Assistant

This voice-controlled smart assistant was originally an upgrade of Google Now- an expansion of the ‘OK Google’ service. It was launched in May 2016 and was a part of Google Allo initially. Later on, the service was boxed for Pixel phones for quite some time.

But now, it can be used by anyone with Android Lollipop or above. You can even download the Assistant app if you are an iPhone user. And the best part is Google’s smart speakers are also powered by Assistant. You can render the service by long pressing the home button of your smartphone.

What Can Google Assistant Do For You?

You can ask your Google Assistant to do a list of things. I have enlisted a few of them-

Unlocking your phone- You can bypass pin and fingerprints unlocking by setting the voice command on your Assistant for unlocking your phone. In the Google Assistant settings:

  1. go for OK Google detection
  2. select trusted voices.
  3. Add the voices that can unlock the device with voice commands.
  • Opening apps-  If you find yourself busy and not in a position to access your phone, Google Assistant is there for you. All you need to do is ask the virtual helper to open the specific app.
  • Searching Images- You can ask Google Assistant to search for a certain category of images from Drive or Gallery. If you want to see the images of a car, simply say ‘OK Google, show me the car pictures’ and rest the Assistant does for you.
  • Advice On Activities- If you are planning for a weekend fun, the Assistant can be your best buddy. Ask Google Assistant to show nearby places for dinner, hangouts, or best places to chill. Among the list of places, all you have to do is choose the best one. You can also ask for suggestions regarding vacation spots near you.
  • Have a personalized news feed- You can ask Google Assistant for reading out the headlines for you. You can also customize your news feed through settings. With Google Assistant, the all hot buzz and news can simply one ‘voice’ away.

There is a lot more you can do with Google Assistant. You can watch your favorite shows on Netflix, get sports scores and weather forecasts along with booking movie tickets. You can also make the Assistant play your favorite tracks and remind you of your appointments. The list is simply endless. So you see! With Google Assistant, your life is made so much easier.

Microsoft Translator Needs No Internet Now| It Gets Offline AI Translations

Microsoft Translator App

Microsoft is planning to execute their new Translator application which will be a step further towards progress. They are planning to launch the Microsoft Translator App which will not be needing an internet connection. This thought might be impossible without the help of AI guidance.

The tech giants, as they are, Microsoft recently published that the Microsoft Translator application on Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire devices will also be featuring an offline translator with AI-powered in it. It will not only boost up the efficiency but also will be acting as a boon for the users by this new offline language package.

Now, end users can also download this free AI-powered offline translator package online. Microsoft recently declares that this advancement will be materialized after two years of effort, and it is said to supplement this application so that both developers or users can access AI-powered Microsoft translator media for their data. Despite the speculation that whether it will be in the form of cloud or shall be there in the device from before, this technique is referred to by authorities as their end of computing.

Microsoft Translator App

Some features which Microsoft Translator App will boast of:


This new Translator application will now also get assistance from Windows devices. But now at the present moment, it is only ready for Amazon Fire devices and Android devices. However, Apple will also inspect this recently launched latest and updated version of Microsoft Translator for iOS. And by the end of this week, it will be free for all iOS users also.


At this instant, this application can assist over 60 different languages for line translation, as well as for conversational speech translation in the current standard: Arabic, Russian, French, Nepali, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, Chinese Mandarin, Spanish, English and many more. To promote this feature, the version of the update must be 3.2.x. Many more languages are designed to import on offline Microsoft translator soon, but Microsoft has already agreed that the updated package is roughly 50% shorter and 23% beneficial than other.

The popularity of the Microsoft Translator as a Business Travel Tool

This Translator application can now also combine with Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana. This feature is very new in the market and no other application can brag about it, which makes it different and unique from other applications. Therefore, allowing the users to begin or follow a new conversation in their convenient language in just a couple of minutes.

The user simply can respond something along the lines of “Hey Cortana”. This will, in turn, create a new conversation in the Microsoft Translator. This program will find the selected languages required by the user.

The Microsoft translator application is supreme for migrators and for businessmen. It is great for their business abroad because of its capacity to perform without any internet connection. This is the major point of its growth.

Arul Menezes, the head of the Machine Translation team at Microsoft reported that the TechCrunch will put lots of effort. They will definitely look into the drop off between online and offline translations. This is barely noticeable from the next month onward. Additionally, they also felt that the Microsoft translator application was beneficial than any other software of applications submitted. Among their competitors, Google is the most outshining one.

Travelling Abroad? Best Translation Apps For Travelers


When we go out for a tour, language appears to be the most common barrier especially, if you are not a multilingual person.

Using a local travel guide is not always convenient. That means you need to walk around carrying the instructions provided by the guide. Which is probably not feasible for most of us.

Does it mean we should not go out for a  vacation?

Of course, not, there are applications which will help you understand the language. Also, you no need to be dependent on anyone for primary activities, ordering food, booking cars, reading and speaking the language, for instance.

If you know the local language of the street you are walking, then things become easy for you. You can be your own guide, besides you will save some extra penny.

So, make your traveling experience refreshing than ever, with these top pick for translation application.



This is one of the most highly rated Translation application on iTunes. Over 51,000 rating and reviews and most of them are of four and five-star ratings.

The major key factor, the application can translate into over 100 different languages. Also, the app has a special advanced version compatible with Apple watch. So you can directly translate from your wristwatch if it requires.

The basic version of the application is free, but if you want the pro version, it will cost you $39.99 per year. Pro version has the voice recognization mode, verb conjunction and also offline capabilities.

Google Translate

Google Translate is our second pick for the list, due to its overall performance. The app is easy to use and offers a significant number of features.

The app has the ability to translate into over 103 languages by typing. Even you can translate 59 languages while you are running offline. Moreover, you can draw the text or character to translate over 93 languages.

In addition to that, you have the camera translation option for over 35 languages. Where all you need to do, point your camera or snap the text for instant translation.

You can access the features by tapping on the respective icons from the top. The app is free for both Google Play and iTunes.


If you want to rule the streets with fluent local language and also want to adopt the culture, then TripLingo is what you should go for.

All you need to do,  enter your destination and start downloading the pack that you are going to need. For instance, if you are packing your bag for Paris, then this app will help you translate your voice into the Spanish language. Along with that, an image translator as well as a section of essential Spanish phrases also the direction to use them.

The app also guides you to adopt the local culture so that you can blend yourself correctly. The phrase section is flooded with great humor, fun, flirting,  and even the nightlife.

You can get this app for free. However, a paid version will open the numbers of phrases and content for you.


Papago is specialized in translation the Asian languages. It can translate between Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese.

You can have the translation basically in two forms, either in text form or voice form. While speaking with someone local you can use this app to speak in each other’s language. This app also offers photo translation and phrases from the local language.

To make a proper use of the phases, it also offers a dictionary and phrasebook where you can access more information. You can get this app on Google Play and iTunes for free.


The application only translates between English Japanese Korean and Chinese. Still, it is a life saver, in case you are stuck with no WiFi around. As it works completely offline.

The app works fine with an instant camera. All you need to do, point your camera to any signs or menu, then you can see your translation ion the screen. If you are a foodie then this app is a must choice for you. As this will show you what you are going to order after translating the menu and food items.

Furthermore, if you need to speak one of the other languages then you can use this application to help you pronounce the word properly.

iTranslate Voice

With this application, you will be able to speak over 40 languages. It not only has the pre-made voice translation but also has the special voice translation.

All you need to do, speak into your phone and it will translate the voice into the language you choose. In addition, you can also share the copy or export the transcripted voice conversations and save them as your favorite as well.

Final Thought

So these are the translation application you should have while you are going out abroad. You will find the application on iTunes and Android platforms. Most of the application is free, however, for a better-personalized experience, you can get the paid version as well.