Feb 142013
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Jacquelynn Carrera
Managing Editor of HMI
B2B Marketing Manager, impreMedia

From Walt Disney World to Cirque du Soleil to the Los Angeles Opera, one family from the friendly city of Fullerton, CA has handcrafted hundreds (maybe thousands) pairs of one-of-a-kind shoes for those in the entertainment industry. These are not your conventional pair of Aldo’s or Cole Haans, this is quality craftsmanship at its best. This year the family owned business turns a wopping 50 years old of soleing fictional characters on main street at Walt Disney to some of the most prominant actors and actresses.

Since its inception in 1963, Capri shoes and its owner Oscar Navarro, young shoemaker, arrived in Mexico at the age of 20 years, has led care and Capri since 1992, after working for David Dakos, Capri’s original owner for 12 years since 1980. Oscar has had to overcome numerous cultural and language barriers in his 33 years being involved in the business. It was the vision, passion, tenacity, talent and creativity of Oscar for the world of footwear that pushed the transformation of then being Capri Shoe repair to an international business, recognized in the entertainment industry, locally, nationally and internationally.

Since 1992, Capri Shoes has seen exponential growth. Its three original employees have grown to over 20 full-time skilled shoemakers, each contributing their unique skills to make their products unique in quality. Capri however, not only offers full service professional footwear for the entertainment industry, they also offer custom shoes for the buyer who seeks to create a specific style, or return to recreate their favorite shoe. Capri Shoes offers great functionality, quality, and meets the highest standards of design and performance. “We want to give the audience something completely unique,” says Oscar Navarro. “Designers come to us with drawings of a character, and we turn this cartoon into a reality.”

For more information visit: www.caprishoes.com
Source: Erika Martinez, Press Release Capri Shoes

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