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We all know that social media plays an important role in marketing and this is especially true with Hispanic-targeted marking. Approximately 61 percent of Hispanics primarily use social media for personal purposes. Other common uses of social media among Hispanics include business purposes, self promotion and for simply doing social good. If blogging is your social media outlet of choice to target the Hispanic market, make sure to provide relevant content and an opportunity for the audience to express how they feel and provide some valuable, honest feedback (just like!). There are even numerous tools and apps available to facilitate the use of social media.

Check out these top blogging tools that’ll help maximize your blogging experience.


InboxQ lets you create campaigns with different keywords. Usually the best thing to do is to create campaigns with keywords from topics you specialize in. So when someone asks a question with those keywords, you will be updated about it and you can answer the question.

Content Idea Generator

The Content Idea Generator (v2) is a Google Doc that will automatically find news and related stories for your blog from a variety of sources… everything from Google News to Reddit, from tweets to public Facebook updates and more.


For the blogger who is seeking a cool way to keep track of interesting articles for later blog posts, check out Diigo. This cool tool allows you to highlight and store interesting content for quick retrieval down the road.  You can even embed notes to your saved content.  It supports mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android.


It helps me to really create an awesome community around our blog. You can up-vote and down-vote comments, see recurring commenters and have much better threading than in the old version. Plus, everything is in real time and it feels as if the post and comments are much better connected with each other. One last point I love is that you can show related articles at the bottom of the post and see top commenters at a glance.

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is a tool that many bloggers use to increase writing productivity. The essential aim of the technique and this app is to reduce the impact of internal and external interruptions on focus and flow. The immediate benefit is to block out common distractions to productivity, such as constantly checking your email and social accounts. Although the Pomodoro technique recommends 25-minute intervals, you may need to experiment to discover your optimal session length.


If you post something on Twitter that you’d like to replicate on your blog, IFTT is for you.  Sure, one can post wherever he or she wants, but this is the Internet and automation is almost always awesome. IFTTT is a (free) web service that lets you connect social media outlets together so that if something specific happens, IFTTT can produce another desired result on another connected Channel.

The following blogpost was written by Steve Nunez, Marketing Coordinator for La Opinion


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