Sep 302011

My family and I attended a Hispanic heritage festival last week.  When we got to the food stands, there were many options to choose from but one in particular caught my eye.  It was a wrap stand right next to a Mexican stand selling burritos.  This got me wondering, what are the major differences between a burrito and a wrap?

According to Wikipedia, burritos are a type of Mexican food that originated from the Mexican state of Chihuahua.  The origin of the wrap is unclear. It is believed it may have been invented in southern California by a chain called “I Love Juicy.”  The wrap has also been credited to Bobby Valentine, a former Major League Baseball player who claims to have invented it.

Regardless of their origin, neither wraps nor burritos are difficult to find nowadays.  However, when I see a wrap, it still reminds me of a burrito.  They are both wrapped in tortillas (which may I add, tortillas originate from Mexico also), and if one takes a quick glance at a burrito and wrap side by side, we may not be able to tell which is which unless they are right in front of us. 

So what are the mayor differences between a burrito and a wrap? Well, traditionally, burritos are warm and contain rice, beans and meat.  Wraps are cold and consist of sliced meat, lettuce along with other veggies and cheese.  Burritos are closed at both ends (to keep the rice and beans from falling) and although wraps are also closed they are sliced in half like a sandwich.  Another difference between them is the number calories they contain.  Generally, wraps are healthier choice. 

According to the calorie counter at, a beef burrito can contain 524 calories.  A beef and bean burrito can add up to 547 calories and a beef and cheese burrito can contain up to 790 calories.  Chicken and vegetable wraps contain 290 calories. A turkey wrap contains 359 calories and a meat (poultry or fish) and vegetable sandwich wrap contains up to 547 calories.

Although burritos are not as healthy as wraps, I’d take a burrito over a wrap any day. Personally, I like the idea of blending and mixing recipes to create new dishes.  One dish I’d be excited to see meshing with a burrito is the teriyaki chicken bowl.  I would, without a doubt, stand in line for a teriyaki chicken burrito!


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