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The following is a guest blog post by Jessica Gray.  Jessica is currently attending the University of Southern California where she is completing her Master’s degree in Public Policy. She is one of 68 Fellows chosen nationally for the Coro Fellows Program where she is currently serving a 4 week internship stay at impreMedia.


A growing number of Young Latino Americans identify with both Hispanic and American cultures equally, according to the recently released “Gen YLA” study conducted by the Telemundo Communications Group. The study focused on the current state of Young Latino Americans and tracked trends within the population. YLAs are defined as individuals, ages 18-34, who reside in the United States and whose birth place is in Latin America.

The Gen YLA study revealed that 37% of Young Latino Americans consider themselves equally American and Hispanic, and are able to participate in both cultures with ease. Overall, YLAs reported having no language barriers, and prefer  to speak Spanish with their family (55%), English at school (79%), and English at work (74%). The GEN YLAs report found that 87% of YLAs “Cannot live without their mobile devices”, 94% have internet access at home, and 84% have high-speed internet access at home.  In order to better connect with their customers, this research is of special interest to marketers seeking to reach the Hispanic market through new media such as the internet and mobile device platforms.

The demographic trends detailed in this study reveal the changing preferences of this rapidly growing population.  U.S. Census data for2010 reveals that the Hispanic population between 20-34 years of age has doubled in at least five states since the last Census, and is currently estimated at 12 million nationwide. Based on trends drawn from Census data, the YLA population is forecasted to increase to 30 million by 2050, making Young Latino Americans one of the nation’s fastest growing populations.


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