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In a recent assignment, I was asked to look at casino type activities Hispanics living in the Los Angeles market generally played or did.  The answer was obvious – Hispanics like to play slot machines.  It’s true!  Regardless of the destination, be it Las Vegas or some other city, Hispanics enjoy playing slot machines.  In the Los Angeles market, 1.7 million Hispanic adults played slot machines this past year.  Another way to look at it, Hispanics represent nearly 40% of the adults that played slot machines.

Over the past few years, more and more Hispanics are venturing onto the casino tables to play blackjack, craps or roulette.  Over half a million Hispanics in Los Angeles played a table game this past year; that’s up 4% from the previous year.  Why the increase?  Perhaps it has to do with casinos offering more “how to play” table game tutorials.  I can’t say this is the only factor driving players to the tables.

As Casinos try to distinguish themselves from one another and compete for Hispanic casino players,   some have done an excellent job at capturing Hispanics who enjoy watching shows.  Compared to last year, nearly 4.5% more Hispanics in the L.A. market watched a casino stage show.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find out what types of shows were best attended among Hispanics.  Non-Hispanic adults saw a decline of nearly 4% when it came to watching stage shows.

When it came to playing casino type games (blackjack, poker, etc.) online, both segments (Hispanic and non-Hispanic) saw a decline compared to last year.  Hispanics in the L.A. market saw a 5% decline while   non-Hispanics experienced a 24% decline.  Difficult to pinpoint what caused the decline but I can say the economy had something to do with it.

For those interested at visiting one of local casinos in Los Angeles, I’ve provided links to their sites.  If you happen to find yourself in a casino environment, observe who is playing the slot machines, the tables and watching the shows.  Most importantly, don’t forget to Play Responsibly.

Source: Scarborough Research 2010 R2 & 2009 R2, LA DMA; A18+

Los Angeles Local Casinos:

Hawaii Gardens Casino

Bicycle Casino

Commerce Casino

Hustler Casino

Hollywood Park Casino

Crystal Park Casino

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    1. Great information. Very timely. Going to be gambling this coming weekend in Las Vegas. I’ve played the slot machines but enjoy the tables the most. While I’m playing cards, I’ll observe how many Hispanics are playing slots or tables.


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