Nov 242010

Thanksgiving marks the official start of the holiday shopping spread. Many of us are looking forward to black Friday where retailers have promised major savings. The money that we’ll save from all the “sales and discounts” will probably be reinvested into more goodies.

Many of us are unaware that Thanksgiving marks the start of the final push for charitable donations before the year ends. According to the American Red Cross, 67% of Hispanics interviewed said that charitable giving would be more important this year because of the economy. In addition, 54% said they plan to give to charity between Thanksgiving and the end of the year.

Among the top 3 Hispanic markets (Los Angeles, New York and Houston), 53% of Hispanics households made charitable donations in the past 12 months. Among Spanish-Dominant Hispanic households, less than 50% made charitable donations during the same time frame.

We all know that charitable donations come in many forms. According to American Red Cross, 30% Hispanics plan to donate blood during the holidays. I think is a great gesture considering the difficult economy we are experiencing. Before the end of this year, I plan to donate blood at my local American Red Cross; I encourage you to do the same. If donating blood is not an option for you, feel free to browse through the American Red Cross holiday gift catalog –

Happy Thanksgiving

Source: Investment Business Daily, “American Red Cross; Majority of Hispanics Agree that Charitable Giving is More Important in Tough Economy, According to Survey by the American Red Cross” and Scarborough 2010 R1 (Los Angeles, New York and Houston)

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